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Gamzigradska Spa is located at the very bed of the River Crni Timok, 11 km to the west of Zajecar (eastern Serbia), 220 km southeast of Belgrade, near the village of the same name.

Hotel in Gamzigrad Spa

Surrounded by wooded hills and flowery clearings, lying at 160 m altitude, it has got a moderate continental climate with sub-mountain elements.

Nature endowed the place with several curative mineral water springs (one springing out of the very bed of the Crni Timok), but only four of them are being used.
The remains of Felix Romuliana (3rd century), the Roman imperial town, indicate that these healing thermal waters had been used as early as Roman times.
However, the oldest known mention in writing of these mineral waters was left by baron Herder in his notes dated 1835, related to the research of mineral treasures of Serbia; the first therapeutic baths were registered in 1890. Building and landscaping of the baths was commenced in 1920, while the first detailed analysis of the water was performed by prof. Sima Laznic in 1922. The first serious tapping of the wells was made in 1925.
According to their temperature (38° – 43° C) and chemical composition, the waters are ranked among earth-alkaline thermae, i.e. acratic waters used in treating numerous illnesses, by bathing and drinking.

Mosaic in Gamzigradska Spa Serbia

The Spa has been much better frequented since “Gamzigrad” Institute for Specialized Rehabilitation was opened in 1978. The Institute provides expert diagnostics, treating and rehabilitation by applying hydro-therapies (in three pools and many bath tubs available), as well as by other therapies including kinesis, vacuum, laser, paraffin, photo, magnetic and physical therapies, spine extension, acupuncture by laser stimulator, massage…

The woody hills and clear waters of the Timok (convenient for fishing), valuable archeological and cultural localities, indoor hot-water pools, numerous sports fields, have all made Gamzigradska Spa a pleasant place for holiday rest and recreation of healthy visitors as well. For the inhabitants of Zajecar, Negotin, Boljevci… it is a favourite picnic destination throughout the year.

Old Roman city - Felix Romuliana - near Gamzigrad Serbia

"Gates" of river Vratina - Vratnjanske Kapije na reci Vratini

Only 4 km away from the centre of this natural health resort, above the village of Gamzigrad, there are the remains of the late-Roman fortification, one of the four Roman imperial towns in our territory – Felix Romuliana. In the vicinity of the village of Planinice, on the local Zajecar-Boljevac road, there is Krepicevac Monastery built at the beginning of the 16th century…

Picnic can be made to Zajecar where the museum can be visited and to the pottery workshop of Velimir Djordjevic, one of the best known Serbian naive sculptors, as well as to

Lake Borsko (20 km),

Zlotska Cave (30 km); or to Negotin (50 km),

Rajac wine cellars,

Vratnjanske Gates,

Kladovo and Djerdap.

The Spa is the host of the festivities of St. George’s Day Get-Together, Golden Hands, Peony Days…with several other traditional gatherings taking place in the surrounding villages (Grljan, Vrazogrnac, Gotlujevac, Lenovac.)